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Terry Woodford is the creator of Heartbeat Lullabies and owner of Audio-Therapy Innovations Inc. He is a former hit song writer, record producer, music publisher and audio engineer. In 1985, Terry left the music business after he saw his “Heartbeat Lullabies” recording calm infants and children recovering from open heart surgery in The University of Alabama Hospital, Birmingham, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and heard the following nurse’s testimonies. Watch actual footage of the C.I.C.U nurses testimonies: http://youtu.be/7uznenu6yKM

It was a life changing experience for him to see the power of music used in such a positive way. Since that time, his simple but sophisticated arrangements of traditional nursery songs with a human heartbeat rhythm have been played in thousands of hospitals, special care facilities, rescues, clinics, and other treatment centers to calm anxious, frightened, infants, children, adults and even dogs.
See infants and children in hospitals calm in just a few seconds to Heartbeat Lullabies. http://babygotosleep.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&layout=blog&id=3&Itemid=4

In the early years Baby-go-to-Sleep, Heartbeat Lullabies were sold in, JC Penny, Marshall Fields, Dayton Hudson’s, Target, Nordstrom, Babies “R” Us, Osco /Savon, Eckerd drugs and independent retail baby stores. Several hospitals included them in their new parents exit kit or formula bag.

In 1994, we decided to focus are marketing efforts on institutional sales. Military Family Advocacy Programs, New Parent Support Programs, Soldier Assistance Centers, Prevent Child Abuse America sites, health departments, benefit companies, corporations and non-profit organizations have distributed over two million copies of the Heartbeat Lullabies to empower their new parents and to help prevent infant abuse triggered by a constant crying baby.
Medical professionals can get free copies of the CDs and DVDs to play for their patients in their hospital or special care center.
Contact: terry@audiotherapy.com

New Frontiers

The same Heartbeat Lullabies are being played in hundreds of recues, kennels and animal clinics. Renamed “Canine Lullabies”, the same music stops barking, minimizes separation anxiety, consoles whimpering puppies and desensitizes dogs afraid of thunder and fireworks. Rescue shelters, humane societies, boarding kennels, veterinary clinics can request free copies to calm their dogs and cats.

See 50 anxious barking dogs in humane society calm to a Heartbeat Lullaby in less than two minutes: http://youtu.be/HMI_GFaWA14

The same Heartbeat Lullabies have been discovered by VA psychologists and care providers in assisted living centers, military support programs to quickly comfort people suffering from the symptoms of Insomnia, P.T.S.D, Anxiety, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Chronic pain. See: Studies and Testimonies. If your organization would like free copies of the CDs or DVDs to evaluate contact: terry@audiotherapy.com

“The Comforter” web site was set up so anyone can watch enough music videos to be comforted without having to pay any money or identify themselves. It’s a gift of peace we are passing along. When it works for you, I am counting on you to pass this gift to others who might benefit.

“In the future, you may not remember the name of the company, my name, or the name of the recordings, but you will never forget the distinctive sound of the Heartbeat Lullabies and how fast they work. There have been many creative, talented and dedicated people who have worked at Audio-Therapy Innovations in the past. With their combined efforts we have managed to help change more lives than we know. I particularly want to thank Erma Snyder, Marilyn Eason Lawson, Shirley Hand Colvard, and Keeley Sandoval for their loyalty, belief and service.”

Terry Woodford
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