Feel that same compassion you felt when these songs were sung as part of a nurturing routine to make you, your child, or grandchild feel, safe, secure, and loved. Without hearing it, the suggestion may sound infantile and condescending, but when you listen to the simple but sophisticated arrangements, you’ll be amazed and how soothing they still are. The thought provoking quotes on the prototype videos, if you choose to read them, will humor, inspire, give you hope and help distract you from what is bothering you.

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Traditional Music Videos

My Bonnie http://youtu.be/S0WXC5cZ4sg
This old Man http://youtu.be/TcVEq8Ekxnk
Lullaby and Goodnight https://youtu.be/o7ttUR-fmho

Christian Music Videos

Kum Ba Yah http://youtu.be/_2FQiR15Leg
Jesus Loves Me http://youtu.be/gGIuH7rHNEM
Into My Heart http://youtu.be/jU2lhL9smpU

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